I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, graduated from John Marshall High School and received my Bachelors Degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Texas, San Antonio. I was a French Horn player and the Drum Major of my High School Band. I furthered my fun in "marching" music and fine-tuned my instrumental brass-playing through "Drum Corps International" the (DCI) World Champion “Cadets of Bergen County” in Bergenfield, NJ as a mellophone player. I became a high school band director for San Antonio schools in the 90s, then switched to teaching adults as a “bank trainer” for mortgage & loan underwriters at USAA Federal Savings Bank from 2001-2008. Life was proving to show so many different flavors in choices for opportunity. I decided to try a bit of this and that.

Today... “The Open Road” represents a "journey" we all share. We all learn to stand, fall, and get back up again. We all live a journey towards enlightenment. We walk a life-road of choices and "create" our world through our decisions as we manifest our story to reality. My enlightenments truly found me as I "quit" society's game-plan of choices "made" for me, and I began making my own choices. I started performing on stages as a country band in surrounding San Antonio saloons and clubs.

The first full-length country song I ever wrote was called, “Thou Shalt Not Bitch.” I recorded and released it with my first EP in 2012. It received a San Antonio Music Award from SA CURRENT for Best Original Song. SA CURRENT also awarded my band with multiple awards for Best Country Band, Best Song & Music Video for  “What Best Friends Do,” and Best Songwriter for my genre. 

My COUNTRY songwriting is inspired by the country songs of my growing-up days from George Strait, Garth Brooks, Tracy Lawrence, Rick Trevino, Clay Walker, Tracy Bird, Gary Allan, and those wonderful country dance-styles from the Urban Cowboy Soundtrack. I once got to open for Dean Dillon (George Strait’s Songwriter—Thank you Brian Black) in Bandera, TX at the Longhorn Saloon. I discovered how alike I was to Dean Dillon, “the man”, in many ways. Meeting him was so influential that my "original" artistry began taking shape as I started CREATING my own country songs.

I tend to play on my lyrics with rhythm & rhyme, recurring musical phrases with recurring instrumental themes of similar stanzas, choruses, and versus that implant themselves in the mind and truly BRAND the song to stand out as its own. I make ‘em catchy and memorable ;) There's an art for the old "traditional" style of country song-writing rare to find on mainstream radio anymore. A Felix Truvere song must also be sincere, passionate, have humor, and the overall content MUST reveal an "enlightenment." I write about life’s experiences and how it is all MEANT to be. My songs say, “Let go; let God. Enjoy the ride and learn to BE.”

If I could afford it, I'd write, record, and produce other genres. PLENTY of musical influences from the last 5 decades inspire me to grab bits of each genre from the days when it was all NEW and artists & labels didn’t record music to TRY AND FIT IN; They USED to be CREATORS.

My past classical music education is also a big part of who I am. I wouldn’t have quite the knowledge for chord-progressions, intonation, musical phrases, timing, rhythms, and instrumentation without my music education and past experience as a High School Band Director. I give extra, special credit toward my time in the DCI World Champion Cadets of Bergen County in 1992-94 that fine-tuned my musicianship toward a very diligent work-ethic.