A "Cowboy's Ride" on "The Open Road"

by Felix Truvere

People are AFRAID to fail at the things they love to do, so they “settle" to get by. Early misdirections in life take us far from the dreams we had. We awaken years later & wonder where the time went as we stayed "settled," blaming everyone else.  “Sincerity” awakens and “ego” begins to vanish as you start prioritizing things that matter. This sudden “Sincerity” creates a TRUE prayer; an “honest intention” sent out to the universe. Your “heart” starts leading the way.

Our goals find us the more we “let go,” trusting our natural personality & talents to shine by simply being who we are. We “awaken” from the “act” we’ve been performing to “fit in” and suddenly our own personality is acceptable to ourselves. YOU are creating your story every day with your positive & confident “perspective” toward everything that happens in your life. You ARE God’s perfect likeness, able to manifest your OWN dreams to reality perfectly made for YOU.  YOU are behind the steering wheel, driving down Life’s Road, creating your story. It’s never too late to pursue the direction of YOU truthfully to the sincerity of your happiness. Possibilities are behind every turn on Life’s Road. It is up to you to have the positive “perspective” to see EVERY possibility as an opportunity to convert your creativity into YOUR reality with your action.

Do it your way. Don't get lost on Life’s Road by getting caught up in commercialism, politics, argument, and negativity. We are a MUCH more creative than that. We are ALL artists, built with creativity to manifest anything the mind sincerely believes (faith). Live life to its fullest and appreciate every experience as a blessing. You can't comprehend the concept of "hot" without knowing "cold." So does happiness and sadness work the same. It’s a wild, rocky, & bumpy road, offering everything from wrong turns and accidents to gorgeous scenery in a  HECK of a ride. ENJOY & APPRECIATE life’s roller-coaster ride of ups & downs! Trust it. The thrill of the ride is what life’s journey is all about!

Don’t be a mindless drone going through the motions in life, sticking to your routine just because it’s “how it’s always been done.” Create a better way.

Ask yourself “Why?” to the questions that bother you. When something doesn’t fit, Google your own answer. There are more flavors that exist besides chocolate & vanilla; discover all of the flavors!

In this fast-paced routine of scheduling your life, slow down and become aware; pay attention to appreciate the MOMENT where life is occurring! Stuff is beautiful & the ride is AWESOME if you “let go” & pay attention to the awesomeness that is OCCURRING around you. I try not to dwell in the past or worry too much about the future. I try to appreciate “THE MOMENT” as it's occurring, as I "let go" to faith. People always say, “There’s not enough time.” I say, ALL THERE IS, IS TIME when you live in “the moment.” When I’m on a stage, singing with all the passion that races through my body, I feel a room full of people dancing to the same beat, celebrating life TOGETHER in harmony. I say, control the moment; control life. I accept everything as it is, and how it’s served to me; my appreciative perspective does the rest to manifest my destiny.

I can be optimistic because I’m doing what I LOVE to do, and how can there be failure in that? What REALLY matters? Happiness is what matters. I have one chance to be a daddy for my daughter. I don’t want to live a life knowing that I never attempted to live up to my fullest potential; especially for my children.

“Follow your heart!” That isn’t just an overstated quote said about a billion times for no good reason. Explore your heart for the answers with your prayers ~ Accept & appreciate who YOU are and don’t overlook what you’re already blessed with. Appreciating life’s moments & surrendering to compassion & faith found the Artist within me. I gave this “faith” thing a try by leaving a secure job at USAA, cashed my 401K & took a dive head-first into my heart blindly. My FAITH to sincerely follow a dream, to make a NEW living on my original creativity & blessed ability, to seek “honesty” from life, suddenly found all the happiness that I used to “chase.” I discovered happiness finds me all on it’s own the more I follow my heart. FAITH manifests a reality... whatever you "sincerely" believe.

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” ~Walt Disney“This old cowboy’s legacy ain’t about the end or beginning, it’s the road I’m still riding on my way” ~Cowboy’s Ride, waltz by Felix Truvere

Negative reactions to negativity only provoke more negativity. Let the negative provocations of others glide off of your shoulders of wisdom.

Embrace failure. Failure is experience. Experience molds you perfectly into the person that you are always still becoming. Once I learned to appreciate failure and convert it to OPPORTUNITY, I understood life a whole lot better.